Dr. Doom, Superman, Batman, Bat Girl, Bizarro… Marvel, DC, or smaller publishers… Or other genres like Star Wars… It doesn’t matter. I can give the Action Abstraction treatment to whatever character(s) you want…

Paintings start with a foundation of collage, and then are built up through several layers of paint and collage… One of the great things about this type of painting is the flexibility, because it’s only limited by imagination… Commissions will be done on stretched, unframed canvases or 300 lbs. watercolor paper…

Stretched, unframed canvas                          paper

14×11… $300                                                             12x9… $150

20×16… $500                                                            17x11… $200

30×24… $850

36×24… $1200

48×32… $2500

There is a 50% non-refundable deposit on all commissions… Payments for the remaining balance may be made in installments that are agreed upon by both buyer and artist, or the balance can be paid upon completion of the painting. The buyer will receive regular updates on the progress of the painting by email. The buyer will be contacted about the completion of the
painting and final payment when the painting has been photographed for the artist’s records. When payment is received the painting will be shipped or delivered to the buyer. Buyer will pay the deliver cost as part of the final payment

Please contact me at actionabstraction@gmail.com with inquires or questions.

Thank you,

David J. Leblanc